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medical ethics advice

medical ethics advice

Medical ethics deals with what we as a society consider important and correct when dealing with health, illness and treatment. Finding answers can be difficult, especially at the beginning of life.


During life, there are sometimes topics that are challenging for the individual person and sometimes there is the desire to have more information and to be supported during this particular time.

I am not a medical doctor, but I can help you by answering questions, providing options, and broadening your perspective.

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send request

You can send me your questions or topics that you are currently engaged or dealing with and/or where there is not sufficient information given by using the contact form.

E.g. how does PND work, what is the significance of the individual diagnostic examinations/tests, how can genetic risks be classified, etc.


I will write to you within 24 hours and tell you whether we need 1 or 2 hours to answer your questions.

We can arrange an appointment where we go through the different questions and topics from different point of views and aspects.


There is a cost of €80 for the first hour and €55 for each additional hour (each +20% VAT)

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